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“ Your lips are all I wanted at midnight. ”

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“ Acquire and keep only that which is beautiful to you. Be in love with everything you own. ”


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This Is How Koalas Run

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you don’t know what you have
till it’s the middle of the night and
you feel like dying,

you don’t know what you have
till you feel so alone like you’ve reached
the bottom and want to give up.

you don’t know what you have
till you’re crying all alone
wishing she’d never had left you,

you don’t know what you have
till your heart hurts more than
the headache you’ve had for the
past three days.

you don’t know what you have
till you recall every moment
you’ve messed up and want
nothing more
than to fix them all,

you don’t know what you have
till a year goes by and you still
miss her as if she had left yesterday.

you don’t know what you have
until life makes you regret
leaving the best thing that’s ever
happened to you,

you don’t know what you have
till you realize that no matter
what you do
or what you say
you’ve lost it all.

you don’t know what you have
because you’re only human
and you never will
know what you have
till it’s more than too late.

—    you’ve been gone for a year already (via vouxv)

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talk furby to me


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SO I’m pretty sure that something special is going to happen and there will be some surprise happening at some point, I noticed the asking about details of my weekend and the secrecy and the casual “oh that’s ironic…oh you’ll see…” SO how much longer am I going to have to wait because I can’t ask because that will ruin the surprise but also I would like to ask because maybe I am really totally wrong and this is all quite sad.

I hate facebook because you can’t distinguish someone’s tone and can’t tell if you offended them.

And then when you message them to ask if you offended them and apologize just in case, facebook tells you they read your message but didn’t reply.

You could also just blame this issue on the people though tbh.


in sierra leone, criminal responsibility begins at age ten (in contravention of the convention on the rights of the child), and children - many orphaned and homeless from a decade of civil war - often spend years in freetown’s pademba road prison awaiting trial for little more than misdemeanor offenses. unable to afford a lawyer, most eventually end up with harsh sentences.

photographer fernando moleres was awarded the 2012 tim hetherington grant, presented on behalf of world press photo and human rights watch, to help document their plight; this includes boys as young as 13, falsely charged with murder and, unable to defend themselves in court, given life sentences; other kids, unable to pay bribes, are sentenced to years for stealing food or smoking marijuana.

in a prison built for 220 but houses 1300, food and water are scarce, violence is a constant threat, and hygiene is non existent. one outdoor toilet (third photo) is shared by inmates who have to rely on the rain to wash (sixth photo). death from basic infection is not uncommon.

when released, most are left without anyone to take them in or skills with which to find work. so moleres, a former nurse, founded free minor africa, which provides the kids with bail and lawyers to help keep them out of prison, with medicine and teachers while in prison, and with education and training to help reintegrate them back into society once freed (last photo).

“i can’t just go in there, take these pictures…and leave them behind. i need to do something for them. …they are not a lost cause and a little bit of help can make a big difference,” he said. “if you give them an opportunity to work they will get ahead and establish themselves. they just want a normal existence; i want to demonstrate that and show, with my photography, how the boys can change.”

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